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Re: Master chef in the field

James Fisher
Dear Strelets,

The sight of these superb fingers merely brings on the hunger!

What a top selection of really interesting forms. That good old Strelets novelty of topics and poses. It makes me wonder if you intend a full kitchen range* or perhaps other, related sets of support and non-frontline topics for the First World War? I will look forward to developments from (just behind) the front.

Regards, James

* Thinking on it, it is along the lines of the foreign legion set, isn't it?
Wnderful subject and sculptures. Where's my wallet?

Re: Master chef in the field


Where's my wallet?

Where's my skillet?

Re: Master chef in the field

The Helmets are the obstacle when looking to use these guys outside of the Western front prior to 1916, my first thought was can I use them with the FFL and most poses work with a little bit of green stuff, they are a must buy even though I have parted with most WW1 stuff, Strelets must be encouraged to be different.

Re: Master chef in the field

Good looking set, Alan just change the heads (or hats)... However I dont think some would work like the bread guys kinda specific to the western front, but would with some other piece of gear instead...

Likely one I will buy :wink:

Re: Master chef in the field

Highly original and further evidence of Strelets dominance in the hobby

Re: Master chef in the field

Hopefully the first in a range of field kitchen sets for both World Wars!

Re: Master chef in the field

I've been hoping someone would produce companions to your French Camp set - I think I was able to get three or four of those over the years. This looks to be a great set - I hope to see more like his in several eras.

Re: Master chef in the field

Great figures! Very well chosen poses and a unique set. I like the idea of a field hospital.
I watched ANZAC Girls on Amazon Prime. A great series about WWI Anzac nurses at Gallipoli and
the Western Front.

Re: Master chef in the field

Well blow Me down!
Just the other week I was joking about the possibility of a field kitchen set and voila!
Great figures.

Given this newfound power of prediction you will forgive me if I am unreachable for a little while,I’m going off to concentrate on next weeks lottery numbers...:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Re: Master chef in the field

Great figures, and the inclusion of the field kitchen (hopefully a standard one) makes this a must-have for me.

Congratulations to Strelets for the sculptor's talent and the ingenuity re: choice of subject.