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Re: Master chef in the field

I agree.
Field hospitals would be another subject I would add to this "behind the lines" idea.
All this miniature warfare yet nowhere for the casualties to go!!!! There was a little bit of one in the old French camp set, but a dedicated set in plastic for various eras would be perfect! Also give the sculptors an excuse to show off some of that artistic flair eh?!

All these wounded we are seeing included in sets have got to go somewhere!!!! Surgeons, orderlys stretcher bearers etc. Maybe a regimental surgeon/doctor in full uniform overseeing it all?

Besides, some of that food being prepared might give someone a dodgy tummy!!!!

Re: Master chef in the field

James Fisher
Dear Strelets,

The sight of these superb fingers merely brings on the hunger!

What a top selection of really interesting forms. That good old Strelets novelty of topics and poses. It makes me wonder if you intend a full kitchen range* or perhaps other, related sets of support and non-frontline topics for the First World War? I will look forward to developments from (just behind) the front.

Regards, James

* Thinking on it, it is along the lines of the foreign legion set, isn't it?
Wnderful subject and sculptures. Where's my wallet?

Re: Master chef in the field


Where's my wallet?

Where's my skillet?

Re: Master chef in the field

The Helmets are the obstacle when looking to use these guys outside of the Western front prior to 1916, my first thought was can I use them with the FFL and most poses work with a little bit of green stuff, they are a must buy even though I have parted with most WW1 stuff, Strelets must be encouraged to be different.

Re: Master chef in the field

Good looking set, Alan just change the heads (or hats)... However I dont think some would work like the bread guys kinda specific to the western front, but would with some other piece of gear instead...

Likely one I will buy :wink:

Re: Master chef in the field

Highly original and further evidence of Strelets dominance in the hobby

Re: Master chef in the field

Hopefully the first in a range of field kitchen sets for both World Wars!

Re: Master chef in the field

I've been hoping someone would produce companions to your French Camp set - I think I was able to get three or four of those over the years. This looks to be a great set - I hope to see more like his in several eras.

Re: Master chef in the field

Great figures! Very well chosen poses and a unique set. I like the idea of a field hospital.
I watched ANZAC Girls on Amazon Prime. A great series about WWI Anzac nurses at Gallipoli and
the Western Front.

Re: Master chef in the field

Well blow Me down!
Just the other week I was joking about the possibility of a field kitchen set and voila!
Great figures.

Given this newfound power of prediction you will forgive me if I am unreachable for a little while,I’m going off to concentrate on next weeks lottery numbers...:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Re: Master chef in the field

Great figures, and the inclusion of the field kitchen (hopefully a standard one) makes this a must-have for me.

Congratulations to Strelets for the sculptor's talent and the ingenuity re: choice of subject.