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Re: I Rekon Yer floggin a Ded Orse...


Further more I've no idea wat these emoticons mean maybe we need a Translation...

The bottom one means 'cool'. You can't argue with that 'cause it's wearing shades.

The top one Err... Don't know but my best guess is 'be a good boy and take your cod liver oil'

Re. spelling and grammar errors, I find it useful to remember that for many of the posters on our forums English is a second language. Some may use online translators which, obviously, will not always deal with the change of syntax. As for the native English speakers I assume that for most of them, like me, it's been a long time since they were in school. People here communicate very well and, mostly, in good humour. Good enough.

There are people here who are eminently qualified to correct our mistakes because they do it for a living, I note that they don't do it because they're too polite... Or, perhaps, because we're not paying them.

P.S. did anyone notice that after taking one forum member to task over poor spelling, the cyber thug who started this then said another member was aboNiMable. Can't find that spelling in "The Oxford". :laughing:

Re: I Rekon Yer floggin a Ded Orse...

Hi Graeme
Yes indeed we have non English speakers on the forum, and I for one just try and understand them as best I can, politely, and reply accordingly. I most certainly wouldn't insist they speak English, which would be a totally wrong thing to do or chastise them about their language.
Just above Luca has posted in Italian. Now I don't speak any Italian, nor would I know if the Italian spelling or grammar was correct in that post. What I do know is with a little help from google translate and kind of recognising some words that look similar to English, I got the general idea of what he was saying. That said, it still didnt translate perfectly back into English.
No matter though as I understood the context of what he was saying and so happily replied. He had some good ideas about some artillerymen poses.
So regardless of our languages, we do generally understand one another. Having a common interest also helps.

The top emoji I think is just meant to be a "playful", "Silly" kind of thing. Bottom emoji is definitely "cool".

And yes I too have noticed that many of our grammar fanatics often slip up exactly the same!! 😂

Re: I Rekon Yer floggin a Ded Orse...

Moose'ant we allo allo try twu get aloong own dis four'um !

... or something like this!