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Re: Newly Born

I dont know if its those hats combined with the green colour, but I suddenly pictured Santa's elves...albeit a rather militant version!! 😁

Joking aside, they look like they have come through the process nicely, can make out all the detail. So good job 👍.

One thing I would like to there any way of making the sprues that connect to the figures themselves, slightly thinner? Would make it much easier to trim the figures off as can be quite an effort sometimes.....even with a sharp x-acto knife, dependant on the plastic hardness.
Not a major issue really, but its a suggestion perhaps that may be helpful for any kids in the hobby.
(I remember what my mum was like when I needed to use a stanley knife for models!!!).

Re: Newly Born

Very good sprue, Strelets...I' ve bet that the French foot dragoons was made in sand colour... I loose...

Re: Newly Born

Wow! Just look at how the detail has come through on those figures. Superb.

I really like the use of the 'wheel sprue' too. A general move to these would be grand, I reckon. Roger, it seems to reduce the amount of surplus plastic esp. attached to the figure. Probably still could be made thinner though. Less area to remove and less plastic to try to think of a use for. I have boxes of the things 'cause I can't bear to simply chuck 'em out. Perhaps as recycling moves along they will be able to be included...?

Regards, James

Re: Newly Born

Thanks for using the wheel sprue, and fantastic color choice! I may be sending a few sets of these to be stationed in 18th c. Canada. Have a great week.

Re: Newly Born

Can anyone enlighten me whether I am barking up a completely wrong tree, but (no doubt with minor changes) could these do for grenadiers of various nations in the 1680-90s?

Thinking of illustrations I have seen of grenadiers at Sedgemoor in 1685.