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Re: "Wild West" Native American Indian Requests

I agree with GC, the figures take enjoying the history to another level.

I would love every known tribe made. There are some Russian manufacturers that make cool Iroquois, Tlingit, and Aztecs in larger scales.

Strelets doesn't do much from the 1500s or 1600s America these days, but some Powhattan Indians for the Jamestown era 1600s or some Timucua, Chicaza or Alabamu (all very similar Southeast tribes/Mississippean Cultures from De Soto expedition through the Battle of Mabila 1540 [fortified town of Chief Tuskaloosa]-look that up, very epic) to fight Conquistadores.

I would even be down for some Eskimo figures.

But if we get Plains tribes, we really need a couple good Bison poses!

Re: "Wild West" Native American Indian Requests

Yes please Comanches, Mexicans both mounted and village folk like in film Guns for San Sebastian or The Magnificent Seven. Again soldiers for the Mexican Revolution, soldiers for AMERICAN-MEXICAN WAR. There are so many connected themes which you can consider to delight us,