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When Rome was a kingdom

A Friday teaser c/- linear a, ahead of the one from Strelets?!

Re: When Rome was a kingdom

YES! Now that is more like it! Top, top marks!! :smile:

Re: When Rome was a kingdom

Oooooh! Shiny.

Re: When Rome was a kingdom

I'm going to discuss the figure (not the illustration on LA) shown above...

To my mind this would most likely represent an Illurian warrior and heres why...

He wears an Illurian named because the majority are found in the Balkans, but this isnt where they originate...
The earliest types are found in southern greece in the region of Sparta (8-7c BC) from there the type migrates up through the balkans where they are very very common... with the odd helmet eventually reaching Italy where they are rare...

The removable Crests would be front to back(there are attachments) also feathers or similar, but the crest shown is highly unlikely considering the physical evidence of surviving helmets.

Everything else can be found in Illuria, a wealthy warrior...

A better helmet to use would be the Negua Helmet type(or another Italian type)as these are very common in the Italy where the earliest types are found in the 6th century BC, and of course the oblong shield...

From Connolly showing wealth classes 1-4 (Phalanx 1=50%, 2-5=50%) poorest class 5 nor shown are slingers.

The images likely show the younger half of the army the rest were over 45years of age...

The Size of the Army full strength roughly 8,000 hoplites (Wargames army at 1/20=160 figures) roughly 10,000 (200 figures) supporting troops including some cavalry as a max, including 200 hornblowers and 200 armourers/engineers for the camp.

Connolly iconic image of the army...