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Re: Antietam: Confederate Firing Line

May I add my congratulations to the others on this splendid disheveled group.
Although the civil war is well represented as regards figures. I can see why some use of Boer war participants could also be used.
The trouble with this hobby is you can easily get distracted, must concentrate.
Well done Chris.

Re: Antietam: Confederate Firing Line

Chris always delivers. I think a restricted colour palate (in this case browns and greys) can be very effective.

Re: Antietam: Confederate Firing Line

These guys sure look like a bunch of rough but ready Confederates to me!! Top work Chris!

Chris' Waterloo refight/diorama was my inspiration for properly starting up the hobby again and working towards my own diorama.
Following the posts ticking down the clock for that battle on the old Hat contributions page was great.
Then of course we were treated to Ligny and Quatre Bras!

His work with the 100 days campaign was amazing and im sure his ACW work will be no different.

Re: Antietam: Confederate Firing Line

Thank you to everyone for their kind comments.

It is the positive feedback that encourages us modellers to keep going and boast morale.

My inspiration is Wolfgang Meyer and his genius, displayed through, Croeburn, Mockern etc, and coming up Roukes Drift.

My Antietam project is awaiting the clearance of a French railway station and then I will be commencing the landscaping.

Full details are here

In the meantime I would like to thank Stretlets for providing the variety of troops that has made this project feasible.

Their current products, in my opinion are excellent and the WWSS stuff is superb.

Best wishes,


Re: Antietam: Confederate Firing Line

Dear Chris,

It is interesting that you have been inspired by Wolfgang Meyer. I did not know of him (being one who likes to see dioramas, but not actively 'into' them) until I saw this recent tribute post dedicated to him:

Some wonderful photos of absolutely brilliant dioramas across a range of topics/eras.

To me, your own are even more *amazing* as they are dynamic games, with each move a min-diorama. Superb.

Regards, James

Re: Antietam: Confederate Firing Line

Hi James.

The link you mention is an obituary for poor Wolfgang Hartman, another diorama genius who sadly passed away recently.

Wolgang Meyer is alive and well thankfully.

You might like to have a look at his site.

It is inspirational and you will notice there is a stellar collection of contributors.

Thank you again for your kind words.


Re: Antietam: Confederate Firing Line

Dear Chris,

Oh my goodness, what a red-faced mistake!

I did not know him by name (clearly), but I have seen Wolfgang Meyer's marvellous "Cröbern 1813", "Möckern 1813" dioramas on that website, many times in the past. In fact it was a joy to see the developments with it leading up to the bicentennial of Leipzig (if I recall the timing correctly?).

Thanks for gently correcting me!

Regards, James