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Re: French guards chasseurs

You're absolutely right about the horses, Roger. I remember well buying several boxes of Italeri French Hussars just to get some horses to remount Waterloo 1815's Line Lancers and Italeri's Line Chasseurs. Though imho the horses in those two sets were far worse than the ones here, which are just not great.
"....which are just not great"?

Sorry Flambeau, but these horses are really failed. Look theirs missing bellies, some strange legs and skulls.

Only Redbox (the italian renaissance cavalry) and Haet (all napoleonic austrian wagon-horses) have produced still more strange horses with ridiciolous anatomies.

Re: French guards chasseurs

Oh well, I just tried not to be too harsh and save as little as could be saved.
But regarding ugly horses:
Italeri Prussian Light Cavalry ...
HaT Russian cossacks ...
Italeri French Light Cavalry (wrong saddles) ...
A lot of the early Mars sets ...
Airfix French cuirassiers ... ok that's unfair they're from the stone age of our hobby ...
And while the list is admittedly somewhat short these ARE worse.

For a diorama and viewed from afar I suppose our friends will do, but of course if you compare them to what has been achieved by this company and others with other sets, they fall rather short.

Re: French guards chasseurs

The sets you mention Flambeau do indeed have poor horses so you are correct.
I wasnt impressed with the Italeri Prussian & French light cavalry sets overall anyway. The Prussian dragoons are giants with odd poses and postures. The French set had the same problem as the infantry set.....rather chunky, well fed, fellows who seem to have lost their necks and chins!!
Mars i dont think ive ever bothered with and im not a fan of the Airfix Cuirassiers as they just didnt seem to have the "presence" of heavy cavalry to me anyway.

I think in relation to Strelets horses,it is not that they are the worst horses ever made, instead its that they are indeed poor....AND being reused again in other Napoleonic sets, so it will be a recurring problem. Strelets can do much better I think, which in a way is a complement to them and how far they have come.