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Sunday mood DDay

Hello dear Strelets team,
Your Sunday mood was really nice although on a 6th June I would have foreseen a DDay topic perhaps.
If you look for sets that are yet to be created I suggest the British/ allied commandos in berets for the NW Europe campaign.
You already said it was not your plan but others insisted for LRDG and got their ways.
Why not me?
Cheers and thank you again for all your creativity.

Re: Sunday mood DDay

I rate the PEGASUS D-Day set of US rangers/infantry as probably the best set ever made for us, but no British/Canadian companion set, and that is a real shame and an opportunity, Commandos with berets and all the extra equipment for sure or just copy the pegasus set only do them as Brit`s I for one would buy them and probably every other WW2 fan would too.