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Re: Sunday mood

Dear Chris,

in case you're going to command the reinforcements, which may turn out too late, one can always use an old excuse: ‘My duty is to execute the Emperor’s orders’.
In case you're preparing to command the main force, there's another excuse: “the extraordinary maneuvers of Grouchy Strelets, instead of securing victory, completed my ruin”.
In the meantime get prepared for battle, keeping in mind "The sinews of war are infinite money."

Best regards,


Re: Sunday mood

Mr. Stretlets, My money is ready, and I will need it, given all of the beautiful WSS sets you are designing. Marshall de Villars just asked me who Grouchy is....he'd never heard of 'em. Meanwhile, Leopold I is asking where all of his infantry, cavalry, and cannons have got to? .....and the Duke of Marlborough won't shut up about that nice looking British artillery he saw photos (guess I'd better make that paintings) of. I'll try to hold the line until they get here. Cheers, and have a great week!

Re: Sunday mood

Bet he has not heard of Monty or Rommel either.......

Re: Sunday mood

Wonderful master...amazing fighting pose... I like sooo much. Brava Strelets crew.