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Re: French Hussars with shako "Roleau" for 1813-1815

With Strelets sculpting qualities at present, perhaps not yet so with the horses, it is about time that the hussars of every nation would get some attention. The only decent hussarset, also less so for the horses, is Italeri's early lot. It is surprising how very few sets of these extravagant troops have been produced in plastic. I am looking forward to the release of the Russian hussars. I will probably try to convert the flag into another lance. I do hope future light cavalry sets are produced without flag or with a proper cavalry flag. Better still, I wouldn't mind bare poles to which I can attach a cavalry flag or convert it to a lance if the set is appropriate for lancers. Strelets has come a long way. For years Hat was the leading manufacturer. Now the tables have turned and other companies best follow Strelets if they don't want to be left out. Horses, especially in action, by the way, seem to be difficult with most manufacturers. If only the horses of the WSS could be copied, albeit with proper gear, for the Napoleonic cavalry sets, I for one would be a happy camper.

Re: French Hussars with shako "Roleau" for 1813-1815

Dear Colleagues,

thank you for your comments and support.

Now, Strelets, it´s your part...


Re: French Hussars with shako "Roleau" for 1813-1815

I would be happy to get Hussars in chapeaux roleau in whatever format Strelets cared to make them.

Personally I would prefer figures galloping around like maniacs but I am aware that most people want them standing about looking pretty with sabres resting on their shoulder.

Re: French Hussars with shako "Roleau" for 1813-1815

For my own uses, i would indeed like the hussars "maintaining position" with sabres drawn, as I want to do the 7th holding the flank at Waterloo facing towards the Prussians. Think Line Chasseurs would be good portrayed holding position like this too.

But for French cavalry "galloping around like maniacs", id love to see late war Line Dragoons doing exactly this!!!

Line lancers id have doing both!! 😁

As for looking "pretty"..they can resemble David Beckham, Boris Johnson or fierce and grisly like Clint Eastwood for all I care!!!