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Re: Head changes

"Other than that, I bought a couple of white metal spare heads for Napoleonic French troops (heads with bonnet de police, bicornes for regular gendarmes and cylindrical hussar shakos for 1813-1815) a couple of years ago from Fuhrmann Figuren. They were produced by a French company and came in small plastic bags with 5 or 6 heads each. Can't remember the name of the company though, sorry."

Probably Bruno Arnal (Le Lancier Bleu)?

I think they are OOP, aren't they?

Re: Head changes

Right! Just these. And you're probably right about these being oop. Maybe Fuhrmann Figuren still has a few lying around in a corner. Asking can't hurt. But Franznap is a good alternative.
That's the nice thing about this forum (and Bennos's): You don't know about a thing or two and sooner or later somebody has the answer! Thanks a lot! :sunglasses:

Re: Head changes

Thank you, nice fo have some friends 😇