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Re: French Guard Chasseurs Masters


...And hopefully one day Strelets will start to produce Napoleonic cavalry 'at the advance': trotting horses, sabres drawn and resting on shoulders, not charging about but moving forward. It is the pose that almost everyone wants to buy lots of.

Have a good weekend:relaxed:
Amen to that Minuteman!

Re: French Guard Chasseurs Masters

I like them a lot, especially the large Colpacks which are excellent. I'm building the Service Squadron for La Belle Alliance and these will look very good. I do agree that horses are a bit primitive and I may exchange them for something more life-like.

Re: French Guard Chasseurs Masters

Yes i agree with all that has been mentioned above, saying that i have a use for 3 possibly more boxes of these.
Ill just swap out the rubish horses and use franznap ones.

Re: French Guard Chasseurs Masters

As a wargamer I don't need any more guard light cavalry but I guess I could use them as line hussars elite companies - horses will be fine with a lick of paint, nice to see them in restrained poses.