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Re: IJA Infantry in Defence masters

John Simmons
There are a lot of really nice looking figures here. The prone and kneeling figures look better to me than most existing ones, and (of course) these would be the most common positions for soldiers "in defense". The one unconvincing pose -- the kneeling LMG guy -- looks like he could be easily converted to Alan's missing HMG number 2. Just cut off the poorly done LMG and stick an ammo strip in his hands.
Actually, I like the kneeling LMG guy. A pose both original and natural in my eyes.

It is rather the standing submachine gunner that does not convince me, his stance reminding of the old Matchbox German pose.

Agreed about these being another nicely sculpted set. And a No2 machine gunner would indeed be nice given there are several MGs in this set. Maybe some ammo can be added to one of the crouching poses.

Re: IJA Infantry in Defence masters

I am deeply sorry. The link I mentioned above, is about a "have to be forgotten" army (the one consisting of Indian prisoners who fought alongside the Japanese Imperial Army) and not the real 14th army. Of course as a true admirer of the British war effort I am referring to the W. Slim's 14th army!!!

Re: IJA Infantry in Defence masters

With great expectation we await the release of these new figures.
We would like to one day see a Japanese figure released of an infantryman arming a hand grenade by striking it against his helmet. Also, a still standing figure firing a Nambu lmg from the hip.

Re: IJA Infantry in Defence masters

Very nice, accurate figures. Well chosen poses, nicely executed. Now we need some U.S. Marine
figures. I would especially like to see Marine artillery, mortars and heavy machine guns.

Re: IJA Infantry in Defence masters

WW2 jap's figures are always welcome, especially when so well done.
BUT i was wondering what happened to, if I'm not wrong, a set that would depict WW2 jap's in WINTER DRESS.....great for China, Manchuria, Kuril islands....