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Austrian grenadiers

Dear Pascal,

What fine painting and basing of those Austrians. I really like the black highlight and the variations of the colour of the greatcoat. The 'flamboyant' officer adds a lovely splash of colour and the flag is absolutely magnificent!

Top Saturday morning viewing.

Regards, James

Re: Austrian grenadiers

I agree with James. Fine painting and basing of these figures.

The grey back-drop and rugged look to the bases suggests a cold, bleak day, and the men hunched in their greatcoats look as if they are ready to return to the (relative) comfort of their campfires. Their officer has other ideas for his Company though, maybe a return to the route march, or perhaps just some drill to 'keep warm'. The men's faces say it all!

Well done Pascal!

Have a good weekend:relaxed:

Re: Austrian grenadiers

May I add my congratulations to Pascal. The painting and basing are exceptional.
I especially liked the black lining and shading. However the flag tucked away on the back line was equally to be envied. Another one to be printed off for reference.

Re: Austrian grenadiers

Couldnt agree more. Fantastic work and I too like how the black has been used.

Re: Austrian grenadiers

I can only add my kudos! A great job all the way around.

Re: Austrian grenadiers

the most beautiful Austrians I've seen

Re: Austrian grenadiers

Yes, fantastic work ...

Your grenadiers look great. :heart_eyes: