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Re: New Box Art for Goumiers & Hussars

My first impression of the artwork on the Russian Hussar box was it might have been a scene out of "War and Peace." I speak only for myself, but am really looking forward to this set and others like it being more into temporary dioramas and pictures of same I have many rip-roaring cavalry units at full charge. The "at ease" sets depict a gap in representing troops of all branches doing what soldiers have done since time immemorial - waiting.

In the US Army we have a term, "Hurry up and wait!" I imagine the Roman Legionnaires in the back ranks experienced the same thing while waiting his "turn" in the front rank of the formation. I can see (particularly in the Napoleonic era, which has become my primary focus here lately) a large scene with formations in the front in action poses and firing lines or attacking poses with the "at ease" or "attention" units in the rear waiting (and dreading) their turn at the front.