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Collectable Strelets sets

Following on from the fine photographs posted here recently of various figures from Napoleon's General Staff set 013, here is proof that some of these older Strelets sets are becoming very collectable.

Re: Collectable Strelets sets

:astonished: That was a shock!

Then again in fairness, having seen how things go on ebay, i can quite believe that price.

I sold some Zvezda Russian Hussars a while ago, and they went for over £50! I only paid i think £9.99.

At yet those are now re-released I think. This Strelets set i doubt can be re-released as the mould has probably had its day by now.

So a set like this could in theory go for a lot more.

Re: Collectable Strelets sets

You did well on that Russian Hussars set Roger!

Yes, the Zvezda moulds are, I believe, capable of being re-activated and brought back into production. So if you are ever desperate for a set of their figures which is not in production, maybe wait a few years....

And as for Strelets sets...well, buy them when you can, and maybe keep them on the sprue in the box too. Just take them out every so often to admire them,,,,

Having said that, with me they are usually off the sprue and into warm soapy water the day they arrive here.:grinning: :bathtub:

Re: Collectable Strelets sets

"Having said that, with me they are usually off the sprue and into warm soapy water the day they arrive here".

Same here!! 😂😂

Re: Collectable Strelets sets

I was losing hope on collecting some of the old ones until two years ago, when I found STRM001-003 to go with the Viking Mini set that was purchased ten years or so. Happy about that, as they look really nice while in formation compared to other offerings.

The full court push for me now is to try and track down the Muslim Foot Warriors somewhere. I am trying not to pay 20+ EUR for them (I try to avoid 20+ for any one set), but alas that rule might have to be amended.

P.S.- Yea, the guys have no chance of staying on the sprue. They hack their own way out if nothing else! :joy: :grin:

Re: Collectable Strelets sets

Truth be told, even loose figures which are scarce or not made anymore can go for much more than originally paid for.

Re: Collectable Strelets sets

My best was bidding 40.00 for an Airfix box of Astronauts on Evilbay lost winning bid 52.00 A year later re released for 3.99.

Re: Collectable Strelets sets

Evilbay!! Haha I like that!!!

Think I sold a set of Hat Napoleonic Swedish Infantry too that went for more than I originally paid. Didnt hang on to them as I wasnt a fan of the style of them...or the plastic.
They didnt sell anywhere near what the Zvezda Hussars did, but think it was still at least double.

Guess if you want something bad enough!

Re: Collectable Strelets sets

I searched high and low for the original dismounted Boers that Strelets released and kept drawing a blank, luckily they re-released them and I snapped them up. A few years ago I promised myself to buy stuff when it came out even if I had no immediate plans for it but the flood of sets was so vast that I couldn't afford to. Don't generally think about the later value of sets, except I did put aside a box each of Orion's Boxers and Vikings with the bonus figures which are mint in box. Not that I've looked to see if they are in demand or not.

Re: Collectable Strelets sets

I dont buy sets with the thought of what they will be worth later either. I buy them for one use them!!! Im not a collector per say. Instead I paint them up ready for when I build a diorama.

I just got lucky on ebay. Had some sets that didnt really need, so rather than let them collect dust I put them on there thinking somebody might want them.....and boy they sure did!!!