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Re: Goumiers

I look forward to this set as well. The Goumiers were also present in Indo-China. I see these are dressed for cool weather and could be used during the cool season in Tonkin. There is a great picture of a Goumier in the Osprey book that covers the French war dressed in an over coat. I would love to see more French Colonial troops from the period.
Just my two cents,
Ole Ben

Re: Goumiers

I'm very happy to see this set. I didn't think anyone would make them in 1/72 scale. I had only previously seen them done in 15mm metal. There haven't been a lot of WW2 French subjects made, especially post 1940, so these will be very welcome.

Re: Goumiers

Great job!! Only Strelets would have made such a unique set....and in such a short space of time. I spent a small fortune on some 20mm metal Goumiers a few years back, but I'll still grab some of these figures.

Bravo, Strelets!!


Re: Goumiers

Machine gun is a Vickers. The big brass thing on the underside of the rear of the gun is the giveaway there. It's the part that holds the gun to the mount and has a wheel and screw mechanism to allow for up and down movement.

This is the Browning machine gun.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek

Re: Goumiers

Hello all.
Unfortunately two errors. The HMG cannot be a Vickers, although you could change it for a M1914 Hotchkiss, used a lot in Italy. And the LMG was always a FM 24/29 never a BAR.

A vert interesting box anyway with lots of uses from Sicily in 1943 to Germany in 1945

Re: Goumiers

Theres a photo allegedly from Cassino showing some Goumiers using a Browning M1919 30cal Mmg...

No idea if its actually Cassino, but they look like Goumiers to me...

So I guess you could replace the Vickers with this if you want...


Re: Goumiers


Goumiers from Marocco....just another type of french foreign legion..

Following the old french tradition; Let the others fight & die.. Its enough to give them our officers... :laughing:

Re: Goumiers

Another Pic showing Goumiers with what looks like (Berthier?) 07-15 M34 Rifles and Mle24-29Lmgs, could easily be mistaken for a BAR, visual difference in 1/72 is the Mag is on the top for the Mle24-29s, both the weapons in the pic use 7.5ammo...

Notice also French ammo pouches: