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Re: Goumiers

A fine set of figures for a less-well-known WW2 subject. The MG looks in the photo to be a decent little model (and it does look more like a Browning to me too), and the sole machine-gunner could be useful for other roles as well as manning his gun single-handed. As Ironsides suggests, a second set with light mortars, mules etc would be useful; but I'm sure Strelets will wish to see how this first one sells first.

The figure firing (slightly) upwards with his Thompson can fairly easily be brought back to a lower, straight-ahead trajectory by separating his forward foot from its base, using hot-cold water to bend it back a little (so that it is in line with his chin) and then pinning with a small spigot of wire through his base and into his foot. Requires a bit of precision, but it can be done. But a perfectly useable pose as it is, and entirely in keeping with combat in undulating ground and built-up areas. Let's not forget that several other good 1/72 sets have 'upwards shooting' figures, including the Revell Panzergrenadiers and the Revell Australian infantry. The Airfix Paratroopers set is best forgotten....

Re: Goumiers

I think the box art once released may help to decide in what terrain/area they are fighting in.
There looks to be another chap who seems to be armed with a BAR, who appears to be looking upwards. So combined with the Thompson armed firing chap, it does seem to indicate that they are taking on an enemy who holds higher ground.

With that in mind, Im not quite sure what the set is ment to be though. Perhaps its just a generic set to portray these men?
However if its a set of figures ment to be in the midst of combat, there appears to be a few similar poses of individuals randomly stood up in a sort of calm advance....not a particularly good idea if being shot at!! A bit more urgency and definately keeping a low profile would be a better idea i would of thought!!
Also shouldnt there be a few more figs crouched or knelt firing? So as to be taking shelter and then firing from it?? Doesnt seem that many in the set, if indeed they are fighting on a mountain or other rising terrain. The rifle armed crouching figure that is present doesnt really look as if hes involved in any fighting.....pull his pants down and he could just as easily be doing a no.2!!
Also if they are indeed in mountainous terrain, shouldnt there be at least 1 pose of someone climbing in some fashion? Not necessarily full on ropes and climbing gear but simply scrambling up the rocks? After all if they are firing at someone whos higher, eventually they will need to get up there to take the position!!

Lovely sculpting but its a set that just seems to leave me a bit confused as to some of the pose choices.
But if they are not in mountain country...maybe they are firing at someone who holds an upper floor or something? Then I would say the poses seem generally alright although again, id personally prefer another firing pose whos aiming level instead of one of the similar advancing ones.

Re: Goumiers

Roger W

With that in mind, Im not quite sure what the set is ment to be though. Perhaps its just a generic set to portray these men?
As with any set, but especially one that is trying to represent a niche subject such as this, there are only so many poses you can fit into a few sprues. To my mind, this set is perfectly good in portraying a unit cautiously advancing through a built-up or hilly area in war-torn Italy circa 1943-44, taking shots at fleeting targets and watching out for the enemy.

So....."Goumiers in (cautious)Advance".

It is not 'mainstream' for me right now, but I think I'll buy a set or two even so.:smile:

Re: Goumiers

I look forward to this set as well. The Goumiers were also present in Indo-China. I see these are dressed for cool weather and could be used during the cool season in Tonkin. There is a great picture of a Goumier in the Osprey book that covers the French war dressed in an over coat. I would love to see more French Colonial troops from the period.
Just my two cents,
Ole Ben

Re: Goumiers

I'm very happy to see this set. I didn't think anyone would make them in 1/72 scale. I had only previously seen them done in 15mm metal. There haven't been a lot of WW2 French subjects made, especially post 1940, so these will be very welcome.

Re: Goumiers

Great job!! Only Strelets would have made such a unique set....and in such a short space of time. I spent a small fortune on some 20mm metal Goumiers a few years back, but I'll still grab some of these figures.

Bravo, Strelets!!


Re: Goumiers

Machine gun is a Vickers. The big brass thing on the underside of the rear of the gun is the giveaway there. It's the part that holds the gun to the mount and has a wheel and screw mechanism to allow for up and down movement.

This is the Browning machine gun.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek

Re: Goumiers

Hello all.
Unfortunately two errors. The HMG cannot be a Vickers, although you could change it for a M1914 Hotchkiss, used a lot in Italy. And the LMG was always a FM 24/29 never a BAR.

A vert interesting box anyway with lots of uses from Sicily in 1943 to Germany in 1945

Re: Goumiers

Theres a photo allegedly from Cassino showing some Goumiers using a Browning M1919 30cal Mmg...

No idea if its actually Cassino, but they look like Goumiers to me...

So I guess you could replace the Vickers with this if you want...


Re: Goumiers


Goumiers from Marocco....just another type of french foreign legion..

Following the old french tradition; Let the others fight & die.. Its enough to give them our officers... :laughing:

Re: Goumiers

Another Pic showing Goumiers with what looks like (Berthier?) 07-15 M34 Rifles and Mle24-29Lmgs, could easily be mistaken for a BAR, visual difference in 1/72 is the Mag is on the top for the Mle24-29s, both the weapons in the pic use 7.5ammo...

Notice also French ammo pouches: