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Re: My latest read, Battalion by Alistair Borthwick

Shame there's no like button :+1:
Ironsides, that sentence still managed to get the message across 👍.

Whether it was WW1 or WW2, our veterans are an amazing group whos experiences, wisdom & leadership are sorely needed in the world today.
I have also had the opportunity to hear 1st hand accounts from them. They have always had my undivided attention and I can listen to them all day long. The stories have ranged from the humourous to one of outright horror.
Then there is those who dont need to say a single word. You just know they went through hell.

I have also enjoyed reading written accounts. One of my favourite books is "Lay in the dark and Listen"....the true story of a German POW camp whos Allied prisoners perform a real "great escape". The story is told from an RAF bomber crew member whos Vickers Wellington got shot down, and was thus captured. Was years ago when I read it but if you see it, its certainly worth a read.

We must not forget our modern day veterans either. While weapons & the nature of war has changed from the days of WW1 & WW2, the effect for many has been both mentally & physically devastating to them.
I knew someone who served in Bosnia. He carried the scars....and I dont mean physically.