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Set 227, 239 and 238 in my hands.

Today just arrived in my hands 3 AMAZING set...they are absolutly gorgeus ...level "Zvezda" completed by Strelets. Follow you like those please...

Re: Set 227, 239 and 238 in my hands.

I too like set 227 "Bavarian infantry in attack".
Not sure I would compare them to Zvezda quality, but they are certainly a good & much needed Napoleonic addition.

Re: Set 227, 239 and 238 in my hands.

Dear Marco,

They are wonderful aren't they? A fabulous range of poses too.

I'd opine 'better than Zvezda' as they do not lose detail in the chest area as many of the Zvezda figures did/do, beauties though they undoubtedly were/are.

Regards, James

Re: Set 227, 239 and 238 in my hands.

Unfortunately some of my Bavarians had indeed lost detail in the chest area. Straps were there just, but the lapels were a bit vague. However it wasnt as bad as some sets out there.

Either way a really good set which I would buy again....and probably will!!! 😊