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Talana Hill

Good to see a Boer War battle in progress at Talana Hill, Stuart! It is not a conflict that I know particularly well, but the 'high up' shots give a good impression of reasonably ordered British infantry about to be on the receiving end of some accurate shooting from the Boers...who look suitably 'motley' and dangerous.

A couple of close ups of the British firing line would be of the shots is a bit out of focus (or perhaps that's just my computer).

Anyway, a good and varied Contribution. I like the it one of those battle-mats? I only ask because I am thinking of buying one, so a recommendation would be helpful. Thank you!

Re: Talana Hill

Always good to see colonial figures and battles, this is no exception, all very good.

Re: Talana Hill

Thank you! The mat is just a simple piece of spongy fabric that was spray painted by my friend in whose basement we play each week. We were experimenting with the WWII Battlegroup rule system which with a few adjustments seems to work well for the period; the battle ran close to history, except that the Boer guns were not driven off but gave a good account of themselves (and the British cavalry managed to avoid being captured!)

It was an interesting game, and I'm going to try a late war scenario using the Sword and the Flame rules soon

Re: Talana Hill

Thanks Stuart. That spray-painted fabric is very effective.

So the British cavalry had a lucky escape this time.....:relieved: