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Mylae 260 BC - Roma Victor


Not really a Strelets-R topic, but I want to show you my latest work. All in all it took me 15 years to finish it (with some time outs for other projects). The intention was to create the diorama as historically correct as possible.

Data: 3 ships and 147 figures (all Zvezda), dimensions: 1x1 m square, effective working time: unknown (but really a lot)

Take a look and hopefully enjoy watching!


Greetings from Austria
Thomas Krug

Re: Mylae 260 BC - Roma Victor

I think the time and skill you put into this is worthy of a Ben Hur effort and academy award. Just love the music setting the mood for the battle scenes. Really enjoyed watching this on this fine weekend morning. Thank you!

Re: Mylae 260 BC - Roma Victor

Fantastic- the water alone must have taken ages to get right!

Re: Mylae 260 BC - Roma Victor

I've watched the YouTube and its fantastic!
After 15 years you will be glad to get your bath back...

Re: Mylae 260 BC - Roma Victor

I have been looking at the pictures on Bennos of this magnificent diorama. A true work of art. Something to be very proud of, Thomas.