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Re: French infantry Summer on the March?

I must say that I indeed had pre-1812 in mind. Don't we have enough "Battle of Waterloo" stuff yet?

Re: French infantry Summer on the March?

Its not just Waterloo, what about Leipzig for example?

And no we dont have enough good, properly done French Infantry for post 1812.

But if you are going to be like that, I think that pre 1812 French have been covered pretty well too, by sets for example like:
Emhar's Peninsular French.

Hat's big box 1808-1812 French Infantry & extra set of Grenadiers.

Zvezda's excellent set of pre 1812 voltigeurs.

Hat's 1808-1812 Light Infantry MAC sets of Chasseurs, accompanying sets of Carabiniers and voltigeurs (wearing colpack).

Strelets recent French Infantry also hints towards pre 1812.

Whats wrong with doing both eras?
Just because there is already something out there doesnt mean it cant be improved upon.