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Re: WW1 noises

Great stuff James! Nicely painted figures which are also suitably 'at one' with the bleak landscape of no-man's land.

I echo Alan's observation re: the shell crater, water-filled but a silent reminder of the incessant shelling.

Re: WW1 noises

Hi James.

There is a forlorn bleakness to the images which evokes the horror of the trenches.

The gas masked men add further to the dystopian world of those poor men.

Well done.

Best wishes,


Re: WW1 noises

Dear James,

Your Contribution is a beautiful reminder of why WWI was supposed to be "The war to end all wars." Nice work, outstanding details, and thank you for sharing.

Re: WW1 noises

Dear Alan, Chris, Mark and Garrison,

These are most kind comments coming from you gents who paint figures and and produce settings/dioramas/layouts so beautifully!

Should you be interested, there are a few more photos of the figures that I have done to date, including some tanks and guns, in a couple of posts on one of my blogs ( One is a general one about finally finishing the painting the figures(!), the other is about my first game using "Westfront" rules.

The crater is something that I made as a marker for use with those rules. I had a heap of liquid latex left that I 'inherited' from a work use (making impressions of a soil profile, before your imaginations get away with you :joy: ). I used that to make (almost) circles to act as shell, gas and crater markers. The 'water' is done using some Tarzan's grip, a trick that I learned from someone at a wargame club back in the 90s. The crater has not been used 'in anger' yet as I limited myself simply to infantry for a first outing with the rules.

Thank you again for those most generous and kind comments,


Re: WW1 noises

Dear James,

I really enjoyed checking all the photos on your blog - all men and machines so nicely brought to life!

You know, when I was clicking thru the photos and scanning your trenches and landscape, one detail really jumped out at me - your trees - stripped of all greenery and skeletons of their former beauty; their height looming over all activity on the field, which to me really drives home the reality of the battlefield ... and the ultimate end result. Well done.

Thank you, again!