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PSR review Prussian uhlans

Hi everyone,
Great review from PSR.

I bought a box to be converted into French imperial guard eclaireur grenadier.


Re: PSR review Prussian uhlans

Yes, its a wonderful set.

So many different posses...
And there is a picture in my head: The 7th Uhlans standing in the streets of Wavre....waiting for Grouchys units..

And they give good possibilies for creating other units.
The 3. Silesian LW Cavalry might be another option.
But their uniform was a little bit different...

I like this set.. :heart_eyes:

Re: PSR review Prussian uhlans


Look forward to seeing them in the plastic

I converted some British Airfix Hussars back in the day to make up the other contingent in the 7th Uhlans. So this will complete the job. A most colourful unit.

I thought there could be conversion potential re the 1813 Prussian National Cavalry Regiments, who also had the braided jackets and lances?