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Re: Arab Skirmish

Well done yet again with a splendid rendition and super backdrop to your Arabs.
I dont know about you but I had a bugger of a time holding the prone figures whilst I painted them.
Anyway that's inspired me to make some vaguely generic middle eastern dwellings. I did go in the cold garage a few weeks back in order to do just that. However for some unexplained reason I came out with another castle! and that took longer than it should.
Never mind I've got the new set of Arabs to start once I've finished Refurbishing 200 Zulus.
So that wont be long.

Re: Arab Skirmish

Wonderful painting and a breathtaking scenery..

Does the legionaire in the second picture throw a hand grenade ?
That would be bad for the guys on the roof... :scream:

Re: Arab Skirmish

Gerd, he is just being sneaky ;-) ,once again thanks guys.

Re: Arab Skirmish

:v: :laughing: