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Google Account Recovery For Android

One of the best accountabilities of the Google app is that we can use it in all types of devices. Doesn’t matter if you have an android device or the apple phone, you can sign up for the Google account and use its features. However there are so many people who end up forgetting the password of the Google account. And if you have forgotten the password of the Google account then you can take the help of the following mediums to get it fixed.
Steps to recover the lost password of Google in android
If you have forgotten the password then first of all check the browser if your credentials are saved or not. If not then go to the sign in page and then tap on the link of forgot password and take the help of Google Account recovery for android.
1. Now on the account recovery link of Google, enter the user name first and then select one medium to contact the customer care team of Google.
2. If you choose the medium of Alternative email address then you will receive one recovery code in the mail. You can open the email and then enter the code in the verification box.
3. As the recovery code gets accepted, you can set the password accordingly and then re-enter the password to confirm and done.
4. Also you can pick the option of recovery phone number too and then set the code in the verification box that you received in the text. You can re-enter the code in the box and then set one new password of your choice and then re-enter the password to confirm.
5. You can even choose the option of answering the security questions and then set the password accordingly if you answer the password correctly.
And hence this way, you can use the Google account recovery medium to reset the lost password. In case you find any doubt then contact the customer care team of the Google for the technical assistance. The customer support team works 24x7 for giving assistance to the users of Google.