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Re: Painting

Hi Gerd
I was inspired by your contribution of Standing Prussians and decided to emulate your style particularly the blacklining of the trousers. Today I finished them and I am pleased with the result, they are a great set,so thank you to you and Strelets.
With regards to painting a couple of sets in parallel. Well I will try this also, what have I got to lose and to paraphrase Captain Aubrey, I'm not going anywhere !

Re: Painting

Dave James Waddell
Right on Wayne. I’m glad to hear you are painting again. I retire in a couple months from the military. I hope to have a lot more free time.
Take care.
It feels good to be back at it again and not just staring at the boob tube or computer. Congratulations on surviving your career to retire. I made it almost thirteen years before service connected injuries forced me out. But it was a great run.

I came up with another thing I do to "rest" my eyes. Try alternating from a complex set to a simpler job. I think my burnout came not only from some health issues and family, but also painting something like 300 of the brand new Strelets Highlanders - then I had to re-organize and retouch my other Highlander sets (about 300 more). I love them, but... I finally got the Standing at Ease set and found the new Italeri "Highlanders in Square" set and moan when I look at them.

On the other hand, I have some half-finished Prussian Landwehr sets and the Strelets sets in boxes waiting for after I finish my 1/32 figures. When I get them done I can always "finish off" the Highlanders. If not... I've got British in greatcoats...

Concerning magnifying glasses. I tried many types over the years with varying results. I finally found what was for me an almost perfect solution - lit magnifying eyeglasses. I already wear bifocals. These fit over my glasses and work great in seeing the details on my figures.

Long post, hope it's useful.

Re: Painting

I really enjoy reading the post on trying to keep things fresh. I’m going to try doing 2 different sets also. I did pickup the knew style of glasses that you see on the hobby site. Thanks for all the insight on how you work in the amazing hobby.
Great to hear from you Wayne. All the best to you and your family. Stay safe and classy as always.
Keep painting

Re: Painting

Hello friends,
one last tip from me:

Never start with the painting of more than two sets at a time.
Because my experience showed me that then more and more started things pile up on the table.

Never more than two !! :wink:

Re: Painting

Cool I’ll keep that in mind. Most times I have a hard time with one. I find one infantry and one cavalry set is my make.

Re: Painting

Thanks for the warning never more than two.
Is it a bit like "Gremlins" getting wet ?