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Re: US anti-tank guns

Alan Buckingham
Thanks guys, yes more on the way, and while we are locked down probably a steady stream of them to follow. The paints Vallejo, 988,873 and 893 were used for the uniform, the helmets 887 and 886 the webbing. The Africa Korp set has the right feel, and is probably the best set in 1/72 since the classic Airfix set, Strelets should do more of them.
Thanks for the Vallejo paint references.

Yes, more DAK, I agree. If they are in the style and quality of the Mortars set, then they are sure winners. There is probably enough infantry out there in 1/72, but combat engineers, artillery crews and panzer/transport crews, plus seated infantry for vehicles, would be excellent.

I am not into the excessive number of Waffen SS and Panzer grenadiers that are being churned out by the bucketful but would certainly consider buying many of the selection that you suggest. Combat engineers /sappers (and not just WW2!) are an area that has been generally ignored and the ancient Revell set has long disappeared.