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Re: The Curious Case of the HaT "Huns" (Set #8298)

My first set was after returning to modelling was HaT Rocket set. They have produced such sets like the Gatling gun but their current sets leave me totally disinterested.

I have written HaT off a long time ago (along with Caesar miniatures and their third reich fixation) as both no longer produce figures that interest me. Over the years they have produced many interesting and unusual subjects especially for the Great War era. Unfortunately, very few of the latter sets have materialise and I suspect they are now in room 101.

They have BEF and US infantry sets that probably would sell very well but they appear to be rigid in order of production. Seems rather a backward approach to selling products and seem to have lost their way.
Maybe it's best for now to be thankful for the extensive back-catalogue of these two manufacturers, and relish the stream of good things coming from Strelets (and Redbox and Orion) over the last year and into 2021.

Re: The Curious Case of the HaT "Huns" (Set #8298)

Happy New year

I got the Hat Huns to stand in for the Tatars in my Ottoman army

Not perfect match but close enough for a wargamer

Hat have somewhat lost their way which is a pity given their services to the hobby.

Good Post and the fall of the Western Empire an interesting era


Re: The Curious Case of the HaT "Huns" (Set #8298)

The best eye witness source is Priscus.... he met Attila... their Romanisation is somewhat born out by grave goods :wink: