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Re: Happy New Year, gentlemen!

Just to add my congratulations - on making a good fist from a difficult year, Strelets have made some poretty good advabces despite the 'issues' that have beset the world; and best wishes. Hope you can keep this all going.

It seems to me that there is no 'Golden Age' of little plastic men any more, we're actually living it. There may be less producers, and once great suppliers have gone by the board, but the ones that are left have picked up the slack and are carrying on in the finest way.

To all the Streltsy and their fans and followers, to the Linear B team, the Alliancers, the Red Boxers, and Dreamer Studio people and fans of their work, have a good new year and I hope that it brings you everything you want and nothing you don't need.

Re: Happy New Year, gentlemen!

Happy New Year to the Strelets Team and all fellow readers.
The constant flow of diverse & high-quality releases is indeed a most welcome source of joy, especially in such difficult times. :relaxed:

Take care everybody and stay healthy.

And of course, thanks for previewing these first-class WSS figures, another joyous outlook. :+1:

Re: Happy New Year, gentlemen!

Happy New Year !

We will probably have problems with the pandemic until the summer of 2021. But better days are coming...
Hold on until then...

Dear STRELETS team, thank you for the great ideas and the woderful figures you developed from it.

Keep going like this in 2021...then it's still going to be a great year for us !


Re: Happy New Year, gentlemen!

Happy New Year and a Happy New Decade to all at Strelets and the Forum

A special thank you to Strelets for providing so much interest and things to occupy us during a very difficult year.

Re: Happy New Year, gentlemen!

Happy New Year. I hope everyone stays safe and keep the hobby going.

Re: Happy New Year, gentlemen!

Happy new year from me too!! Best wishes to everyone...
... and above all stay healthy (as we, in Greece, say...)

Re: Happy New Year, gentlemen!

Happy New year

Big thanks to the Strelets team for providing some silver (plastic) lining to the dark year of 2020

Best wishes to all of the Forum

Looking forward to those new WSS sets, tres bon und merci


Re: Happy New Year, gentlemen!

Happy New Year to the Strelets team and to everyone on the forum. I hope everyone gets their dream set this year, I'm sure Strelets will be trying to make it happen.