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Re: Plancenoit

Happy new year!!

Spectacular diorama.

I miss a closer picture of the church position where Youmg Guard stablished a heavy line of defence.


Re: Plancenoit

This is amazing!

My few French infantry brigades would have hard time to resist such a wave especially these Prussian hussars!
Thank you very much for sharing.

Re: Plancenoit

Kudos to the Cecil B. DeMille of dioramas!

Re: Plancenoit

General Picton, Sire !

First batallion of 2. Inf.-Regt. has finished the changing from line-formation to attack-column-formation.

My second wave of support troops is ready to go into Plancenoit.


It's a pity they can't be part of your project. :disappointed:

Re: Plancenoit

They are beyond excellent and, yes, a real shame they are in a parallel universe!