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A few updated images of my Plancenoit project with a battalion of Tirailleurs holding the apex of the French defensive position.

More only blog at

And here are some images from the talented group of painters helping out with the project. Just some of the units in production:

Re: Plancenoit

Happy new year!!

Spectacular diorama.

I miss a closer picture of the church position where Youmg Guard stablished a heavy line of defence.


Re: Plancenoit

This is amazing!

My few French infantry brigades would have hard time to resist such a wave especially these Prussian hussars!
Thank you very much for sharing.

Re: Plancenoit

Kudos to the Cecil B. DeMille of dioramas!

Re: Plancenoit

General Picton, Sire !

First batallion of 2. Inf.-Regt. has finished the changing from line-formation to attack-column-formation.

My second wave of support troops is ready to go into Plancenoit.


It's a pity they can't be part of your project. :disappointed:

Re: Plancenoit

They are beyond excellent and, yes, a real shame they are in a parallel universe!