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Well done Raphael

French order arms, they look just as they should for Napoleonic French on campaign and not on the parade ground, they would be particularly suited to the Spanish ulcer and peninsula campaign.

French order arms by Raphael

Wonderful painting.. :grinning:

I love how you've delineated the bright uniform parts by washing.
This would otherwise have to be represented by very fine, black lines.
And this doesn't always look great...

Re: Well done Raphael

Nicely painted and a good representation of later French infantry as they would have looked on campaign. Reasonably smart but with plenty of variety in their trousers, shakos and small details. It seems that there is some subtle variety in height of the figures too, which makes this look more realistic.

I suspect that the soldier standing fourth figure from the right with the slightly more casual stance will be ordered to 'smarten up' when his senior NCO turns up!

Re: Well done Raphael

Good morning and best wishes to all for this new year. Thank you for your kind comments. Thank you to strelets for bringing out so many boxes of figurines on so many different subjects.
The next ones should be Bavarians.