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Re: Then Christmas Number 1

Actually only the WSS British Cavalry (position 11) and LRDG at rest (position 20) are still under den TOP20 by Hannants.

By the big german e-shop Kamar and after 10 days the WSS british Cavalry (formerly 50 boxes) is already sold-out, the LRDG- and SAS-sets (formerly 40) are between 11-14 still to buy - the bavarian sets (each 50) are around 9 and foreign legion sets around 24.

Minature-sets aren´t short-run-events or cinema-blockbusters. The first week doesn´t say much ...

And I share the interest to receive more action and shooting poses in the next Napoleonics sets - especially russians, prussians and brunswicks.

I like very much the recently presented WSS french dragoons-set. An action (shooting, fighting, scouting) dragoon-set would been a dream for a very numerous french cavalry type with many regiments. And surely WSS austrians.too....
I agree, the WoSS French Dragoons set looks very good indeed based on the master figures we have seen.

Austrian infantry and cavalry (cuirassiers, maybe also hussars) can surely be justified in this increasingly popular range.

I'd like also to see some dismounted French Dragoons, although I accept that it will be possible to convert these from existing figures. But even so.....

Re: Then Christmas Number 1

Dear Minuteman,

you have mentioned it already that you can create easily dismounted dragoons with existing miniatures (the horses from the new set and the dismounted soldiers with slightly transformed french grenadiers or head swaps).
I think the need for fighting or attacking dragoons on horses is still greater.... dragoons were the main french cavalry type!

Re: Then Christmas Number 1

Hey guys,

Of course, I'm happy for Alan that his big wish has gone into fulfillment and that there are finally such beautiful LRDG sets. :wink:

And the sales success in the UK is also great. Because only if STRELETS sells many sets, new sets will also come on to the market.

@Alan Buckingham:
I think the LRDG sets were your best Christmas present? Right?? :heart_eyes:

Maybe this set of Black Dog is interesting for you :

Re: Then Christmas Number 1

Very interesting discussion about the new Napoleonic sets. I think they all look great, but I am only focusing on the "On the March" and "In Attack" sets because they are the most active. Although the other figures standing at ease, at order arms and at shoulder arms are lovely sets, they seem more appropriate for the parade ground than for the battlefield, although I don't know if they may have also been in these formations while waiting their turn to go into battle.
It is also my hope that Strelets will produce In Attack sets for the French, Russians and Prussians.
But overall this is a great range. Am also very happy for the LRDG sets, as the only previous set of these men by another manufacturer was badly sculpted and very hard to get anyway.