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War of Spanish Succession cavalry sets 238 and 239

Despite a slight postal delay over Christmas, several boxes of the two new WoSS cavalry sets (238 and 239) are now in the 'studio' being prepared for painting; and I can already tell that these will be a pleasure to paint They are excellent figures, to scale and well produced. This augurs well for the forthcoming other WoSS cavalry in 2021.

A great way then to end this difficult year. Thank you to Strelets for producing these in the face of all the problems that the pandemic has brought with it.

PS: On Hannants' website the British Cavalry is holding up well at Number 11. LRDG At Rest are at No 20. The best sellers seem to have reverted to (mainly) aircraft, with a Spitfire (what else) at No 1. :slightly_smiling_face:

Re: War of Spanish Succession cavalry sets 238 and 239

Agreed. These figures appear to be of the highest standard-great poses with lovely details. There is one horse that seems a little out of proportion, but the others seem very good. I have found though that the plastic on some of the legs is slightly odd. When I try and trim/file the little bit of excess flash it end up peeling away more plastic from around it. No big deal though! Overall I must congratulate Strelets for these two sets!