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Re: Ansaldo Schneider Alan's contribution

Good gun, crew and terrain. Bravo Alan.

Re: Ansaldo Schneider Alan's contribution

Dear Alan,

Like Thomas and Marco, I say 'bravo'. A top job of this fine Strelets arms set. I particularly like your weathering effect on the gun; top notch.

I am part-way through the 1913 version, which is a similarly excellent gun model and crew in really useful and interesting poses. This leads me to wonder how Strelets are coming along with those tanks: A005–A007? They would be marvellous to see come to market. Not to mention A015...!

Regards, James

Re: Ansaldo Schneider Alan's contribution

I am literally "blown away" by your contribution Alan!

Re: Ansaldo Schneider Alan's contribution

Well Alan
You said you had more in the pipeline. The latest contribution is well up to your usual high standard and thank you for sharing it with us.
It would seem that this year will go down as the second highest in contribution numbers unless Strelets cram in a few more over the next few days. Although I would have thought that with the Covid factor and the subsequent ramifications I would have expected 2020 to go down in the number one position.
All the best for 2021.

Re: Ansaldo Schneider Alan's contribution

Thanks chaps, Thomas , the LRDG have indeed spotted them, still more in the pipeline , and most days I am painting something at the moment, so more to follow,and in the main all Strelets figures.