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Re: New releases ...and Friday...and Napoleonics

Agreed to all of the views on this and other related Forum threads. Almost any new set is a 'good set' for our hobby, and we are lucky indeed to have such a flow of interesting and well-made sets coming from manufacturers, Strelets in particular.

It has been said before, but we are still awaiting the 'definitive' French Infantry set for 1812-15, correctly uniformed ie: preferably not greatcoated, but wearing something that is a reasonable representation of late French infantry in 'summer field uniform', with a good variety of poses allowing marching and fighting/firing units to be modelled, and with appropriate 'command' figures. Strelets have proven that they have perfected sculpting of high quality Napoleonics sets. It is surely but a small step for Strelets ('..but a big step for Napoleonic fans') to model this/these definitive French sets in 2021?

And I bet that this would prove another best seller.

A Peaceful and Happy Christmas to all! :santa:

Re: New releases ...and Friday...and Napoleonics

I mostly agree with Minuteman's and previous contributors' comments. However, I would not discard decent sets of real French fusiliers in greatcoats since all greatcoats issued sofar have basically been elites, with most of them even missing the markings of their elite status(epaulettes). Admittedly, I have still bought them and painted them, adding epaulettes with green stuff to some representing voltigeurs/carabiniers, with the chasseurs having discarded the epaulettes. I designated them light infantry in greatcoats. But something in the back of my head keeps nagging......