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The poignancy of Flanders fields

Dear Dirk,

An excellent, evocative diorama. Beautifully done.

Regards, James

Re: The poignancy of Flanders fields

I tend to pick up tips, suggestions and painting ideas by studying the varied contributions to this website and always come away the richer. This latest posting by Dirk is no exception. It shows that with an excellent setting a mood can be set and easily amended to suit different scenarios. As yet i haven't dipped my toe in the WW1 conflict but if I do I would love that scene. So thank you. Come to think of it i do have a Dinky tank somewhere that's survived the last sixty odd years perhaps....

Re: The poignancy of Flanders fields

An interesting diorama, showing that even with just three figures and some very good groundwork a mood can be created and a small episode in war re-told. What is the story here I wonder? A patrol venturing into 'no-man's land', and has the soldier on the bridge (perhaps the bravest of the three?) volunteered to expose himself as his comrades provide 'covering fire', such as this is from a couple of bolt action rifles.

Well done!