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Re: My latest request.....

Yes, Arab civilians! Honestly if they are made generic enough they could arguably be viable for anything from 622 AD to the present, so they would be incredibly useful. A little Imam too would be nice, inshallah. This, along with a typical set of unarmoured (or 50/50) Classical Greek hoplites that can actually form into a decent formation, are two of the bigger gaps in the scale.
I'd go along with this, although the only actual application I would have for Arab civilians would be in the context of medieval crusades.

Hoplites with large hoplon shields in formation sounds appealing, especially if the sculpting allows the figures to be posed in ranks of locked shields.

Re: My latest request.....

Certainly a set of generic Arab/Middle Eastern civilians would be very useful in lots of contexts, my particular interest is for Egypt in 1800 to go with the British, French and Mamelukes. Plus don't forget the ottoman army for this conflict.

Re: My latest request.....

No yawns from me, Alan. You've perked me right up.

Arab civilians will be useful from 1800 right up to 1914. And with the right accessories (guns etc.) they could accompany the LRDG.
Speaking of accessories I have to mention Camels; with or without loads.

Re: My latest request.....

Ok by me, always keen on some civilians. Personally I'd like to see some medieval villagers.

Re: My latest request.....

I will always buy Arab (or any other) civilians.