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Re: More linear a goodies

Yea the prehistoric set is of interest, and of course awaiting Hammurabi's Babylonians. Have been waiting for a set of Babylonians ever since Caesar promised one 15 years ago and instead gave me Assyrians (yuck! :smile: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ). I am assuming they are using Stillman and Tallis 1984's Old Babylonians as a template since that is pretty much the main source on the topic, but guess we shall see.

The Minoans look just like the models used for Total War: Troy that was released earlier this year. Maybe the civilians are one of each pose? Because yea otherwise that is some massive overkill for an era that lacks, well, pretty much everything.

Re: More linear a goodies

%%bbCodeItem_1%% is a picture of the aforementioned Old Babylonians from Stillman & Tallis 1984. I would be pretty happy with these, as they do not have toooo much armour and hopefully Linear-A can make their shield poses a little less flat in future releases.