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Re: American Spanis war

Ooof, must we go this direction? As an American citizen that wants to be as post-colonial as possible this topic is, umm, quite uncomfortable. Much safer to talk about the glory of Marduk and the Old Babylonian Empire!

Re: Spanish-American War

I hope Strelets seriously considers making several sets for the S-A War. The Americans on foot, with the big blanket roll and stetsons, would look great and be appropriate for Cuba, the Philippines, the Boxer Rebellion and more.

The Spanish soldiers had many great looking Colonial Era uniforms, as well as Cubans and Philippinos.

The BUM figures sculpting was nice, but the worst quality plastic - they just fell apart with the slightest bending - not good soft plastic. Too bad. Unfortunately Caesar never responded to my e-mails with an affirmative nor negative. Everything would be in gray color anyway.

A Strelets Spanish-American Range along the lines of the Boer War Range and FFL Range (RIF sets) would be great. My fingers crossed, Strelets! :earth_americas: :earth_asia: