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FFL in Indochina

Strelets is doing a great job with the FFL.
Orion has been doing a great job on the War in Vietnam.

This book covers some overlap between the two.
The French Foreign Legion in Indochina 1927-1945

Note the gun on the cover of the book.

Strelets already has some of the work done on a potential new set!

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
Bunker Talk blog

Re: FFL in Indochina

Hi Mike,

I totally support your proposal. A FFL set for the war in Indochina would be wonderful.



Re: FFL in Indochina

A question from ignorance, who was/were the most notable characters who served for the FFL there? I need people to connect to.

Re: FFL in Indochina

A good start (which will give you some characters) would be to read Max Hastings' 'An Epic Tragedy.' It is quite a tome, but very very readable. The first part deals with the French in Indo-China, and the account of Dien Ben Phu reads like a Greek tragedy unfolding.

I've often thought about wargaming the Vietnam War, as from a political, strategic and tactical level it is a fascinating conflict. But I've always felt uneasy for personal reasons. A (much) older cousin of mine was with the Kiwis serving with the ANZAC contingent there. He had aspirations as a regular, of a career as an officer. It really screwed up his life, and like a lot of Kiwis and Aussies that were regulars, after the ANZAC withdrawal, he went on to serve in the 70s as a mercenary in Rhodesia's bush wars, and then became another junkie beach bum of a type that were so common in Bondi in Sydney the early 80s.

Re: FFL in Indochina

Thank you! :sunglasses: