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FFL desert patrol.....

Take a bow Borodino they and your scenic s are stunning.

Re: FFL desert patrol.....

Your desert patrol is brilliant, Strelets gave us a good canvas but what you have done with them plus the settings are terrific. Even the camel riders look good, an aspect I thought was the weak spot in the set. Ah well it just goes to show...
I seem to come away from most other contributions with I must try this and I must try that. This has given me a lot to think about, perhaps I should take up another hobby.
Maybe I'll wait until Strelets come up with there next promised desert sets.
Many thanks and I'll probably take to my bed for a few days.

Re: FFL desert patrol.....

Thank you gentlemen,

it's because Strelets produces beautiful figurines that they are pretty. They are easy to paint. Everybody can have pretty figures when they are so well sculpted.


Re: FFL desert patrol.....

These figures are like works of art with exquisite painting.

The patrol idea is great and the photography excellent in displaying your skill.


Best wishes,


Re: FFL desert patrol.....

Hello Borodino,
Really professional-looking presentations. It really sells Strelets figures. I shall definitely buy this set now. Who wouldn't want camels now?
Your Camel riders are a work of art; not just your painting but your photographic skills too.

Re: FFL desert patrol.....

Excellent work.
Bravo Mr Borodino, couldn't be better!!!!

Re: FFL desert patrol.....

Your march or die Legionnaires, camel patrol teams, and scenics are all equally satisfying eye-candy. I can't stop admiring them! Merci beaucoup - GC

Re: FFL desert patrol.....

Words fail. Borodino, what you have managed in these pics is to reproduce what many of us used to imagine in our minds when we played with the little guys as kids.

Re: FFL desert patrol.....

Absolutely. Really top quality work. Strelets sculpting does definately help us painters as you say, but you have still personally used a lot of skill and effort there to bring them and the scenery to life.

Re: FFL desert patrol.....

:scream: Incredibly!

Your legionnaires are excellently painted.
Great job !

This has given me a lot to think about, perhaps I should take up another hobby.
Really true... this FFL-figures are on a higher level...Will we ever reach this format ? :confused: