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Re: PER IL 2021 .... DESIDERI see Strelets' first set

My wishlist for 2021:

US Rangers 1812 M106
British Infantry at Gallipoli M135
Turkish Infantry at Gallipoli M136
WWI Turkish Assault Troops M137
Russian Tatschanka

War of Spanish Sucession
Generic Artillery
French Light Cavalry
Austrian Infantry - 2 sets: marching/standing and attacking/firing
Hungarian Hussars
Bavarian Cuirassiers
Dutch Infantry
Prussian Infantry
Spanish Infantry

Russian Infantry 1812/13: firing/loading and attacking
Austrian Uhlans
Baden Infantry
Prussian Uhlans Attacking
Prussian Cuirassiers 1813-15
Spanish Artillery
Lützow Freikorps as assault troops or resting

Zouaves - eventually Louisiana Zouaves

Byzantines 11th-12th century

and many, many civliians sets from Antique Greek till 19th century