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Re: Bunker busters

I like the scene too. I've been debating whether to get this set - and I'd like some advice please. I wargame primarily ACW and WW1, but also the Far East/Pacific campaign in WW2 (my Dad and uncle were with the NZ 3rd Division in the Solomons, and my Uncle Roger from Maine was with the Seabees).

I understood that these recoiless rifles were introduced very late in the war. Does anyone know if they saw action in the final phase of the war in the Pacific - say, Okinawa or Iwo Jima?

Re: Bunker busters

they were issued in march 0f 1945 they saw limited action in the pacific in the last months of the war to late for iwo jima which i think was in feb of 45 battle of okinawa started in march of 45 went on to july it was used in the later stages of the battle pillbox busting by 27th infantry division hope that helps