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Re: An Unorthodox (and Very Modern) Set Idea

The war with Chad is a bit too far off the beaten track for me but a lot of the other suggestions sound very reasonable. Personally I think fairly generic African soldiers would be very useful for those who want to do the liberation struggles.I think vehicles should be left to a dedicated kit manufacturer .

Remember we can only expect things that at the very least will break even and will hopefully make Strelets some money.

Re: An Unorthodox (and Very Modern) Set Idea

Thus the point of asking the crowd. Since this pretty much turned into a general discussion of post-1945 sets I think it is fair to say French in Vietnam is a mild risk for Strelets, while the rest seem to be too far away from the Hastings 1066 and 1700-1945 sets they prefer to focus on.

Hey, Strelets, Norse villagers for your 1066 line? Come on, you know it would be fun. For Odin! :smile:

Re: An Unorthodox (and Very Modern) Set Idea

I think there is huge untaped areas in the post-1945 era. I think the Falklands and Soviet intervention in Afghanistan along with Vietnam has huge potential (Vietnam-era ANZACs for example???).