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Gardes du Corps

These masters are once again full of detail and character, so 'Thank You'. The four companies of the Gardes du Corps were an important and relatively numerous part of the Maison du Roi, so it is good to see a set of these troops.

Once again, the officers and standard bearer stand out. It will be useful to have the trumpeter as well, although his trumpet appears to be too short. I'm not sure about the man firing his carbine though, not a particularly useful pose for a set of Household cavalry troops.

I'm also noting that the heads and hats of this set seem to be quite large. This will not notice when mounted, but even so something to recognise for future sets?

Now that the Maison du Roi is fully covered, can we have some French Line cavalry please? Plainer uniforms, slightly smaller heads and hats and less 'ornate' hair, mounted on the same horses. And with some of the troops brandishing firearms, the rest with swords. Thanks!

Re: Gardes du Corps

I think that there are no new French cavalry sets - as we have not seen any new masters of them.

Can Strelets confirm it?

Re: Gardes du Corps

I enjoy the new set which we had seen once in a friday threat, but I share also Minuteman´s critique: We are missing still regular french cavalry .... and all austrians too!
Meanwhile I will have lot of fun with Strelets new WSS artillery .... ;-))

Re: Gardes du Corps

Well, only 2 numbers of sets are missing (243 and 244). I understand that it will be used for French and British artillery sets.

Re: Gardes du Corps

Yevgen Chernov
Well, only 2 numbers of sets are missing (243 and 244). I understand that it will be used for French and British artillery sets.
If the new releases are driven by the numbered list then it does look like only two slots remain for this WoSS range. However, I'm not sure why additional sets cannot be added without sequential numbering, to the end of the complete product list?

One generic artillery set might well cover most needs for the WoSS, since artillery uniforms are similar for western European armies. Obviously two artillery sets does offer potential for additional crew poses, and also for different guns. If there are to be two artillery sets for this WoSS range, then I sincerely hope that Strelets don't put the same gun in with each set. This notes also of course that two very good early 18th century artillery sets are made by another Russian producer.

Absence of a French Line cavalry set in the WoSS series when four different Maison du Roi cavalry sets have been included would be a strange production decision to say the least, should this prove to be the case. A French Napoleonic comparison would be, say, producing four different sets of Imperial Guard infantry but no Line or Light infantry at all.

Let us wait and see.