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Re: An Unorthodox (and Very Modern) Set Idea

Post 1945 conflicts have only been scantily covered by Braille figure plastic manufacturers to date and while the new Vietnam War sets from Orion go some way to readdress the situation for that conflict there is still plenty to do and I would buy all of the above suggestions.
Several conflicts have figures for one side but not the other.

A case in point being the Falklands War where no one has made any Argentinians and the British sets are not easy to find.
The same goes for the Wars against Iraq where we have several sets of US troops and some for their allies but no Iraqi sets.

A good place to start with post 1945 conflicts would be IMHO the Korean war and French Indochina as we already have large amounts of vehicles and planes from WW2 that can be used in these wars. It would also mean Strelets can expand their FFL range with a set of FFL Paras at Dien Bien Phu.

Re: An Unorthodox (and Very Modern) Set Idea

FFL Para for Dien Bien Phu what a dream. And other French troops in Indo China war and from other nations that participated in Korean War.Please consider making some sets from these periods.

Re: An Unorthodox (and Very Modern) Set Idea

The war with Chad is a bit too far off the beaten track for me but a lot of the other suggestions sound very reasonable. Personally I think fairly generic African soldiers would be very useful for those who want to do the liberation struggles.I think vehicles should be left to a dedicated kit manufacturer .

Remember we can only expect things that at the very least will break even and will hopefully make Strelets some money.

Re: An Unorthodox (and Very Modern) Set Idea

Thus the point of asking the crowd. Since this pretty much turned into a general discussion of post-1945 sets I think it is fair to say French in Vietnam is a mild risk for Strelets, while the rest seem to be too far away from the Hastings 1066 and 1700-1945 sets they prefer to focus on.

Hey, Strelets, Norse villagers for your 1066 line? Come on, you know it would be fun. For Odin! :smile:

Re: An Unorthodox (and Very Modern) Set Idea

I think there is huge untaped areas in the post-1945 era. I think the Falklands and Soviet intervention in Afghanistan along with Vietnam has huge potential (Vietnam-era ANZACs for example???).